Is Anise Oil Good For Catfishing?

Anise oil already has numerous advantages in terms of cooking and aromatherapy, but did you know it can also be used for fishing? Although it is gaining popularity in catfishing, is it actually effective?

Anise oil is pretty good for catfishing due to its scent, sturdiness, durability, affordability and the fact that it attracts catfish easily. You can obtain this oil and prepare it well to use on your bait or equipment while also carrying it with you every time you go catfishing.

Is Anise Oil Good For Catfishing?

Figuring out how to begin using anise oil can be tough, which is why this article will take you through everything you need to know about using it. You will also be able to understand why anise oil is so good for catfishing.

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Is Anise Oil Good for Catfishing?

Anise oil is a great option for catfishing.

Here are some benefits of using this kind of oil for such fishing endeavors:

1. Long Lasting

Anise oil is typically quite long-lasting and durable, allowing it to remain strong and secure on your equipment throughout your fishing trip.

Even if you prepare the oil at home, its effect is likely to remain on the lures or equipment for a long time.

This way, even if you are well into your fishing trip, you can rely on this oil to work its magic and attract the nearby catfish so that you can make a great catch.

2. Sturdy

The oiliness and stickiness of anise oil are extremely useful characteristics when it comes to catfishing.

If you decide to use anise oil on your bait or lures, you can expect them to retain their position on the hook of your fishing line without too much risk of coming apart due to standard nicks and cuts.

This can then result in better success in attracting and reeling in catfish.

3. Strong Scent

Anise oil has a strong and generally pleasant scent.

It smells sweet and is often likened to the smell of licorice.

This kind of rich, deep and strong smell can prove to be advantageous while catfishing since it can spread across long distances in the water and bring the fish right to you.

In fact, even if you simply use the oil on your equipment and not on your bait, you might find that the fish come closer to your location, making them easier to catch.

4. Attracts Fish

Anise oil tends to attract fish in general due to its scent.

For catfish, this is also due to the keen sense of smell that they tend to exhibit through their barbels and receptor cells, making them flock to the source of the smell around them.

Thus, spreading some anise oil on your lure or equipment can set the smell receptors in motion, allowing these fish to catch the bait easily.

5. Affordable

Lures and baits can generally be expensive. However, anise oil is highly affordable due to its popularity in cooking, baking, and as an essential oil.

This can reduce how much you need to spend on the tackle in general, although you can definitely enhance the efficacy of this oil if you pair it with bait.

How to Use Anise Oil for Catfishing

Is Anise Oil Good For Catfishing?

Here are the steps involved in preparing and using anise oil for catfishing:

1. Gather Materials

You should first gather all the materials that you might require for preparing your oil or bait.

This includes:

  • A bottle of anise oil or extract
  • Spray bottle
  • Lures/baits
  • Plastic sheet
  • Warm water

Note that there are different methods of preparing and using the anise oil, based on which you might need to remove or add certain ingredients.

2. Prepare the Oil

The next step involved here is to prepare the oil itself.

Take the bottle of anise oil or extract and either use it all by itself or with some warm water.

Before you mix the two, make sure you cover all the other fishing equipment around you, if any.

This will help protect certain sensitive elements like the fishing line.

You can now mix the oil with water and get it ready for spraying.

You can also mix it with some dough.

3. Use a Spray Bottle

Pour the oil and water into a spray bottle so that it becomes easier for you to spread the oil around.

If you only intend to use the oil, you can make use of a dropper or the lid of the bottle.

4. Prepare Your Bait

You can now go ahead and spray the oil onto your bait or lure.

Coat it thoroughly with the oil and store the bait in a box to retain the oil and its smell.

You can also coat some of your equipment with this oil for better results.

Combining this oil with homemade lures like chicken breast or liver can produce great results too.

5. Carry the Oil with You

It is a good idea to carry the anise oil with you on your fishing journey.

This way, even if you simply leave the oil out, you might be able to attract some catfish toward you.

This can also be useful if the oil loses its strength and you want to recoat the lures for improved results.

What Is the Best Scent for Catfish?

Strong scents are ideal for catfish.

There is no single best scent for catfish, but some great options include garlic, chicken liver, cheese, ground sausage, fish oils, or even small fish.

These scents can mimic the natural odor of catfish’s food and trigger their feeding response.

It’s important to note that different types of catfish may have different preferences, so experimenting with different scents can help find the most effective option for specific species.

And it’s also important to consider other factors like water temperature and water current, as these can affect how well scent spreads and how well fish can detect it.

Where Do I Buy Anise Oil?

If you do not already have anise oil at home, you can easily buy it from a store or market around you.

If you cannot find it there, you should look for some online stores that might have it in stock.

But I recommend using an already-made bait special for fishing. For anise scent I recommend this one: Pro-Cure Anise Plus Water Soluble Fish Oil (on


Anise oil is an effective and smelly solution for catfishing.

Due to their strong sense of smell and attraction to such scents, this kind of oil can produce excellent results with catfish.

Make sure you prepare the oil and your bait or equipment well to ensure that the oil lasts long enough throughout your catfishing trip.

Tight lines, bend rods, and may all your fishes come true!