Can Fish See Braided Line? (What Colors To Use)

The visibility levels of braided lines tend to be quite high, making this one of its main drawbacks. Since the fish can easily spot these lines in the water, they are likely to recognize it as bait, causing them to avoid the line and escape from it. This can then result in a lower catch quantity.

Fish can see braided lines in the water since they are quite prominent and tend to come in brighter colors as compared to other types of lines. For this reason, it is important to opt for the right colors while also using leader lines that can help reduce this kind of visibility.

Violet braided line on a Shimano reel


Factors That Influence Braided Line Visibility

There are some elements of the environment that can make it easier or harder for fish to spot the braided line.

Take a look at some of these in the following sections:

1. Time of Fishing

The time at which you choose to fish using your braided line can make a difference, with daytime making it easier for the fish to spot the line as compared to the night.

The brightness levels along with the thickness of the braided line can make it easier for the fish to see the line, resulting in lower chances of them biting on the bait.

However, if you fish more often after the sun sets, you might be able to get away with the braided line since it might blend well with the water.

It can help to cast the line closer to the fishing areas of fish so that they can easily bite into the bait.

2. Water Color and Clarity

How clear the water is can also make a difference when it comes to whether or not fish can see the braided lines.

Muddy waters can allow the line to blend properly with the water, making it tougher for fish to see.

However, if the water is clear, it can make it easier for the fish to spot your lines.

The color of the water is also something you should consider since it can bring out a contrast in terms of the color of the line, allowing fish to easily spot the braided line.

A good way to deal with this can be to use neutral colors that can reduce the level of contrast.

Which Colors Should You Use For Braided Line?

Olive Green and Violet Braided Lines
Olive Green and Violet Braided Lines

Picking the right color for your braided line can be key to escaping the sight of fish.

However, since different water bodies tend to have different colors and clarity levels, you will need to buy multiple colors so that you can match the color based on where you go.

Here are some colors you can consider using in the right situations:

  • If the water is clear and blue-white in color, you should also use blue or white braided line colors to create a camouflage effect.
  • Use dark colors like green and brown if the water is muddy. You can also use these colors at night.

On the other hand, here are some colors you should try avoiding at all costs:

  • Many lines come in fluorescent colors for the sake of your convenience. However, while it might be convenient for you to track the line, it can also be quite counterproductive due to the high visibility it can provide to fish.
  • Colors like yellow, red and pink can also make it easier for fish to see. Avoid these in clear waters as well as in darker waters.

If you are curious to see how different colors look underwater then check the video below:

How to Reduce Visibility of Braided Lines

Braided line with a fluorocarbon leader line
Braided line with a fluorocarbon leader line

If you have become comfortable using braided lines, it might be difficult to switch to other kinds of lines.

In such a situation, you should consider some of the following measures that can help you reduce the visibility of the braided line:

  • If your main fishing line is a braided line, you should use a fluorocarbon line as the leader line since this has low levels of visibility, making it nearly transparent in the water.
  • Do some research about the fishing location so that you know which colors to take with you and which ones to avoid.
  • See if you can find time to fish in the evening or night to ensure better results.

In your attempts to make your braided lines less visible to fish, it can also help to provide a bit of extra strength to the line so that it can withstand strong currents or obstacles in the water.

Both fluorocarbon and monofilament can help in this regard so that you can manage to bring back the catch efficiently.

If you want to lower the visibility of your line in the water you should use a thiner leader line with your main braided line.

How Braided Lines Can Help You

One of the main drawbacks of braided lines is their high level of visibility.

However, once you solve this issue, you can take advantage of the benefits that these lines can provide you with, some of which include the following:

  • Braided lines are thin and long, allowing you to reach long distances while fishing.
  • The stretch levels of braided lines are quite low, allowing you to easily figure out when the fish has bitten your bait.
  • Usually, these lines tend to float on the water, which can be quite beneficial if you want to fish in shallow regions or in topwater areas.
  • The line memory of braided lines is quite low, allowing it to retain its shape while also adapting well to different spools. This flexibility can make casting much easier too.
  • Braided lines can be strong, allowing them to perform well even after a bit of pressure, resistance and abrasion.
  • In combination with a leader line, braided lines can provide a natural appearance in the water, allowing fish to bite onto the bait without much reluctance.


Unfortunately, fish can easily see braided lines due to the colors and material.

For this reason, it can be a good idea to avoid brighter colors, unless the water itself is bright and clear too.

Apart from matching the color, you can also combine the line with a suitable leader line to enhance the performance of the line and the lure presentation.

Make sure you have multiple colors and lines to suit different kinds of water conditions.

Tight lines, bend rods, and may all your fishes come true!

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