Making Fishing Lures - The Importance of Eye Spot

Fish EyeTo make fishing lures and fishing tackle that actually catch fish, you need to have a strong understanding of response triggers. A response trigger is a fishing lure characteristic that makes a predator feel compelled to strike at it. Although there are many opinions among fishing lure makers about which response triggers actually work, there is general agreement about the effectiveness of one trigger in particular - the "eye spot" (a.k.a "eyespots"). The eye spot is considered one of the single most effective triggers on a lure. Read the full article on making fishing lure eye spots...

Paint Colors for Fishing Lures - Mixing and Matching

Lure Color For those of us who don't have a master's degree in art, the craft of mixing colors for fishing lure painting can be - to put it mildly - frustrating. We know what colors we want to create, but we have absolutely no idea how to make them or what works! Luckily, there are few basic principles that we can follow to make the task of picking and making fishing lure colors a little easier.... full fishing lure color article

Featured Lure Making Instructions

PlugLure Making 101: How to Make a Wooden Fishing Lure - This instuctional guide will walk you through making a wooden lure from start to finish. To get started, you'll need a wooden block to use as the body of the lure we'll be making. The lure's body block should be a rectangular block of wood slightly larger than the dimensions of the fishing lure you want to make. In this case, we will be making a 4" (inch) crankbait, so we will need to create a body more

Wire fishing LureHow to Make a Wire Fishing Lure - Learn how to make wire baits such as an inline spinner, spinnerbait, or buzzbait. This lure making instructional guide will walk you through the process of making an inline spinner lure. To create a wire shaft, cut a 4" (inch) strand of wire from your wire bundle. Although the actual size of the spinner we are creating is 2 1/2", we will need the extra inch and a half for bending and accident more